Hamilton Open Wide Pouches

$29.0 AUD

Fully lined Open Wide pouch featuring characters from the Hamilton musical, lined with a soft blue cotton and finished with a golden zipper with a golden star pull.

Scrunchies also available in this same print.

What’s so special about the @thatsferntastic Deluxe Range? These limited edition designs feature top quality finishes and the extra touches that set them apart from other pouches, the fabric and finishes mean that only a few of each design can be made.

What makes Open Wide Pouches so great? Their curved design means that they open up as wide as possible so you can see everything available inside - no more losing pens or makeup brushes, but when zipped they transform into a slimline pouch, perfect for slipping into a bag or not taking up too much space on a small desk.


Measurements whilst closed - 20cm long, 6cm wide and 8cm high.

(As this is a handmade item and no two are alike, fabric placement may differ between bags)