Deluxe Disney Mash Up Zipper Pouch

$29.0 AUD

Fully lined zipper pouch featuring a mash up of Disney characters, finished with rainbow top stitching, a rainbow zipper and a cast metal pull featuring Mickey Ears and fireworks. It’s stabilised with padded interfacing to protect the contents and lined with a purple glitter cotton.

The nature of this fabric means you can never quite predict which characters will be on your pouch, every one is unique!

Measurements - 25cm wide x 16cm high - it fits my fauxbo perfectly or makes for a very generously sized pencil case.

What’s so special about the @thatsferntastic Deluxe Range? These limited edition designs feature top quality finishes and the extra touches that set them apart from other pouches, the fabric and premium finishes mean that only a few of each design can be made.

(As this is a handmade item and no two are alike, fabric placement may differ between bags)